Lamb Rearing Product Range


Launchpad18 is a premium colostrum powder that provides 

high levels of immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies to enhance the value of 

colostrum fed to calves, lambs or goat kids in the first 12 hours after birth. Highly concentrated in IgG (18%) and high fat (min 18%), Launchpad18 is

an excellent source of immunity and energy for optimal animal rearing.

It's also the most balanced colostrum powder available in New Zealand.

Available in:

600g  $60.38

1.8kg  $178.25

20kg $1,610.00

(Prices incl. GST)

sprayfo lamb photo.jpg

Sprayfo Primo Lamb is a unique formula for lambs, containing hydrolysed wheat protein, which is proven to have better digestive properties than other commonly used protein sources, such as soya. Therefore, offering a safer option for young lambs and is safe to feed straight from colostrum*.

Available in:

20kg bags  $121.90

Tonne rate $96.60/20kg

(Prices incl. GST)


Biopect is an all-natural anti-scour prebiotic product which can be   

used as an aid in the prevention of scours in calves, lambs, kids, foals  

and piglets. Or, as a supplement for young animals with nutritional 

scours or mild diarrhoea.

  • Maintaining gut health in calves

  • Contains plant fibres, glucose and electrolytes

  • Non-medicated

  • No need to remove milk or milk replacer from diet during treatment

Available in:

2.5kg - $110.40

   5kg - $201.25

 25kg - $862.50

(Prices include GST)


Stalosan® F powder is a highly effective biosecurity aid

for the control of ammonia and moisture in animal housing.

Stalosan F is recommended for use where there is a high

 bacteria risk - it works to reduce the proliferation of bacteria,

 fungi, parasites, viruses and fly larvae.


Available in 15 kg bags 

(<79 units) $80.50 ea. 

(80+ units) $64.69 ea. 

(Prices include Gst)

Zorbifresh bag.webp


  • A bedding addictive for cows, calves, equine and swine

  • Absorbs up to 100% of its weight in moisture

  • Reduces odour for a safer environment

  • Starts killing bacteria (including Staph aureus and E. coli) as soon as it is applied and keeps killing beyond 24 hours

Available in:

20kg - $39.05

(Prices include GST)


High energy muesli  blend for peak performance ewes and lambs.


Protein 20%

Available in:

25 kg - $33.50

(Prices include GST)

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