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Sprayfo Delta Calf Milk Replacer


Sprayfo Delta high fat calf milk replacer mixes the best of whole milk with the best of calf milk replacers (CMRs), providing all the benefits of whole milk feeding with guaranteed consistency.

  • High energy curding CMR for optimal performance and fast growth rates

  • Improves future robustness of the animal

  • Osmolality similar to cow’s milk - improves digestion and reduces risk of scours

  • >95% digestibility

  • Balanced mineral composition to meet calf requirements

  • Optimises organ development, especially of the mammary gland parenchymal tissue

  • Improves long term productivity – increased meat yield for beef, more lactations for dairy

  • Consistent quality and composition from batch to batch

Sprayfo Delta calf milk replacer is a curding (casein-based) product, scientifically formulated for performance and growth. We call it energised calf milk.

What makes Sprayfo Delta your best choice of calf milk replacer?

High fat, low lactose content

Based on the composition of whole milk, Sprayfo Delta is higher in fat than any other CMR available in New Zealand. It also contains a balanced nutrient supply (vitamins and minerals) for optimal growth and development.

It is >95% digestible

The true measure of a quality CMR is the ability of the young calf to absorb nutrients contained in the CMR and to use these for growth and development. Sprayfo Delta is highly digestible, meaning you get better value for your money


The osmolality of Sprayfo Delta is the closest to whole milk 

The osmolality of cow’s milk (whole milk) is close to 300mOsm/kg, which is optimal for the absorption and digestion of nutrients by calves.

Sprayfo Delta has an osmolality of 350mOsm/kg when mixed at the recommended rate of 135g/L. In contrast, other milk replacers have levels about 400mOsm/kg, some closer to 600mOsm.

A milk replacer with high osmolality (above 500mOsm/kg) may affect osmosis and hence present challenges to calves, including scouring and inflammation of the gut.

You may choose to feed calves once or twice daily, depending on your operation and objectives.

We recommend twice daily feeding for getting calves off to the best start – higher initial average daily gain (ADG) and a routine that is closer to how a calf would naturally feed.

Advantages of twice daily feeding for calves

  • Easier to feed larger total volume over two feeds

  • Can achieve higher initial average daily growth (ADG) rates due to the ability to feed larger total volume and grams/calf/ day

  • More natural; closer to how a calf would feed from its mother

Advantages of once daily feeding for calves

  • Faster rumen development

  • Less labour intensive

  • Nullify weaning ‘check’

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