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Chicken Coop/Henhouse with nesting box

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Chicken Feeder

Keep your chicken feed safe and cut your chicken feed bill with our 8.2L Automatic Chicken Feeder Poultry Chook Treadle Feeding Trough. With an ample 8.2L capacity of chicken feed, your chooks, ducks and geese will never be hungry even you aren't at home for a period of time. Imagine that, the lid of the chook feeder is designed to prevent poultry feed from stealing by wild birds, rats and other pests. However, the lid can be lifted easily by the weight of your chicken when they stand on the treadle. Featuring high quality and durable aluminium construction, this chicken feeder is water resistant and rust resistant. Settle this chicken feeding trough confidently in your own backyard or farm to provide a pleasant mealtime for your poultry.


Material:Galvanized steel

Feed capacity: 5kg/ 7.5L


Weight 2.7kg

Required weight to open lid: 0.5kg

Dimension: 51cmx 36cm x 19cm

Colour: Silver

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