Horse Mineral Block with Garlic


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Horse Mineral Block with Garlic is a molasses mineral and vitamin supplement developed specifically for the New Zealand leisure horses and ponies.

Enriched with garlic, free access to the block will help to maintain general health, hoof and coat condition.

The Horse Mineral Block with Garlic should be offered when forage supply and quality is good but may be lacking essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins, for optimum health and condition.

The Horse Mineral Block with Garlic contains selenium so it is recommended that no selenium supplements are fed without consultation with a nutritionist or veterinarian. Suitable for companion grazing animals, including cattle and goats, however copper levels may be excessive for some breeds of sheep when given extensive access, especially if housed.

Provide horses free access to enough blocks to prevent crowding and ensure shy feeders get their share.


Available in 15kg blocks.

Typical intake (per animal)

•Ponies: 70 g/head/day

•Horses: 150 g/head/day

Typical Analysis

                                         Horse Mineral Block with Garlic

Magnesium (%)                          5

Phosphorus (%)                          3

Calcium (%)                                6

Sodium (%)                                 9

Copper (mg/kg)                        400

Selenium (mg/kg)                      3 

Manganese (mg/kg)                 200

Cobalt (mg/kg)                          10 

Zinc (mg/kg)                              850 

Iodine (mg/kg)                          10 

Iron (mg/kg)                              400

Vitamin A (IU/kg)                      100,000

Vitamin D3 (IU/kg)                    10,000 

Vitamin E (IU/kg)                       1,000

Vitamin B1 (IU/kg)                     40 

Vitamin B2 (IU/kg)                     40 

Vitamin B6 (IU/kg)                     40