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1 T Bulk bag

Product Details:

Calcimate® is a calcium animal feed  supplement.

Calcium is essential for optimum growth rate and milk production.  

Calcimate is a a safe and effective feed supplement option.



  • Improve reproduction.

  • Prevent milk fever or hypocalcaemia in lactating cows.

  • Maximise milk production potential post-calving.

  • Boost low calcium supplements such as PKE and maize silage for optimum assimilation.

  • Counter the stress from cold weather and extreme activity (i.e. mating, calving).

  • Assist younger stock reach their growth potential.

  • Strengthen their immune systems.

  • Please refer to Calcimate packaging for application rates or use as directed by your preferred nutritionist.

  • Calcimate 25kg bag packaging is compostible.

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