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Launchpad18 is a premium colostrum powder that provides 

high levels of immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies to enhance the value of 

colostrum fed to calves, lambs or goat kids in the first 12 hours after birth. Highly concentrated in IgG (18%) and high fat (min 18%), Launchpad18 is

an excellent source of immunity and energy for optimal animal rearing.

It's also the most balanced colostrum powder available in New Zealand.

Available in:

600g  $60.38

1.8kg  $178.25

20kg $1,610.00

(Prices incl. GST)


Sprayfo Blue Premium whey milk replacer contains hydrolysed wheat protein. Hydrolysed wheat protein is proven to have better digestive properties than other commonly used protein sources such as soy and therefore offers a safer option for young calves.

Produced with micronised encapsulated fat, Sprayfo Blue Premium whey calf milk replacer will enhance calf growth, with less risk of scouring and better mixing. The make-up also ensures better suspension and less fat build up in equipment.

* Calves should be fed colostrum for the first 3-4 days to boost their natural immune system.

Available in:

20kg bags  $106.38

Tonne rate $83.95.00/20kg

(Prices incl. GST)


Sprayfo Delta calf milk replacer is a curding (casein-based) product, 

scientifically formulated for performance and growth. 

We call it energised calf milk.

Sprayfo Delta high fat calf milk replacer mixes the best of whole milk 

with the best of calf milk replacers (CMRs), providing all the benefits

 you expect from whole milk feeding with the added consistency of a 

manufactured product.

Available in:

20kg bags  $126.50

Tonne rate $106.95/20kg

(Prices include GST)