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Lamb & Calf Rearing

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The use of Mineral Lick blocks are a convenient, cost effective and palatable  way to deliver essential micro-nutrients to all stock.

They are most beneficial when other delivery options are not available, when pasture quality is poor and mineral requirements are elevated.

We have a wide range of mineral blocks available for Cattle, Sheep, Horses & Poultry.

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Animal Feed

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   Sheep Nuts


Sprayfo Blue:

“From my very first season with Sprayfo Blue, I have felt that the calves perform a lot better. They gain weight quickly and they are healthy… When payout is up, feeding Sprayfo is really cost-effective. When payout is down, I believe the beneficial outcomes outweigh the cost… I can safely say that our herd health overall is excellent, and I put that down to the benefits of good early nutrition.”

Lisa Pattison,


Sprayfo Delta:

“We stick to the premium products because they are consistently manufactured, nutritionally balanced and generally more palatable. I don’t have any statistical evidence to share but the Sprayfo (Delta) calves looked better from the start. We had no health issues with that mob, where previously we had lots of stress-related health problems… We reared healthy, vigorous calves on Sprayfo Delta. It made calf-rearing easy, the way it used to be.”

Stalosan F:

“Stalosan F gives me control over the environment that my calves are in. I have dry pens, happy calves and a nice smell.”

 Nicole Woodford,


“Biopect is an excellent product. It really helps the calves pick up after transportation and stops them scouring.”

Wayne Bugden, North Otago

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